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Work & Residence Permit

It is a legal identity certificate for the foreigners whom obtain work permit and residence status in China.

Q1.Apply for work residence permit, what factor can affect the approval?
Such as visa expired records, bad records, or incomplete information, false information, insufficient strength in the enterprise, and so on.

Q2.Changing Jobs between different companies in the same city, can I change work permit?
Yes,it can be changed between different companies in the same city in the same period of residence permit. A new work permit may be applied from the new enterprise if the original work unit has issued the certificate of termination of the labor contract and the cancellation of the work permit.

Q3.When do the work permit and residence permit can be extended?
Normally, if there is no special event,it should be handled one to two months before the expiration of the period.

Q4.Can I visit Hong Kong macau during the validity of the Z visa?
No, the validity of the Z visa can be stay for 30 days since enter to mainland of China, during the 30 days,please handle the work permit and residence permit as soon as possible,and it is not allowed to leave China, also you can’t go to Marcao, Hong Kong. Otherwise, the Z visa will be invalid.

After apply for the work and residence permit,
You can apply visa for your family.