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Office Rental

1.Make sure that the office is legal, and apply for the business license;
2.Check the office lease contract, and the certificate of property,make sure the office document accord with the registration conditions.
3.According to the related department's requirement, check all the related document and put on records.
4.Provide reasonable opinion and good suggestion,avoid the risk without certificate
5.After you sign the contract, we also could provide the service on registration, arranging document,tax arrangement, accounting service, annual inspection and handle reports, even on trademark, patent, also we could provide the whole set service to you.

We provide the service for up to thousand foreign customers, we discover a lot of customers who rent office buildings that are not allowed to register office, wasted a lot of money and time. Also they can not apply the certificate business on that location because they do not understand the Chinese policy. We are a group of trustworthy and experienced experts, and we provide a one-stop solution for you. That is the best choice of your in Guangzhou.