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1.Is it necessary to register trademark in China for our products or service?
Yes it is!
Where products are produced and where products are sold, the logo of the product should be registered as trademark in that location. In order to get the protection, the most important for the trademark is the registration date and the registration number, so the best way is to register trademark for your own product, make your business better and stronger...

2.How to register trademark in China?
Provide sample of trademark and the classifications of goods or service, then we will search this trademark.
If the holder is an enterprise in Hongkong, Macao ,Taiwan or other countries,please provide the colour copy certificate and its Chinese translation, and the business certificate that issued from China.

The branches and subsidiary of foreign companies,it should use its own certificate to apply the trademark.

If the trademark is registered by personal, please provide the colour copy passport and the Residence Permit which is valid for more than one year,and provide address, and Chinese translation;

Time: It takes around three months to get the trademark receipt and around one or two years to get the certificate if no one objected.
Sample of Chinese Trademark Certificate