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Warm Tip of New Appointment System in immigration

SC-group 01-03-2018
There is a notification    from Entry and Exit    Administration    of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau,the appointment system for visa is put in use.It means that the applicants should make an appointment for visa by choosing the time and location in the coming 30 days.Please pay high attention to the new changes:
1. For the applicant who has a Letter of Guarantee from the company,you may choose the same immigration office that belongs to the same administration as your company, or Entry and Exit Administration of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau.
2. For the individual applicant,you may choose the same administration area as your residence,or Entry and Exit Administration of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau.
3. Make an appointment first before you go to renew your visa. Don’t make the extension on the same day that visa expires without an appointment,there is no chance to do it.  Please make an appointment for extension earlier.
4. After make an appointment,it could not be changed.Please don’t be late.
5. Before go to immigration, please make sure all your document are complete.