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New System For Trademarks'Application In Mainland of China

SC-group 09-01-2018
Registered trademark in China, the identity information of the trademark holder is updated as below:
If the holder is an enterprise in Hongkong, Macao ,Taiwan or other countries   Please provide the colour copy certificate and its Chinese translation, and the business certificate that issued from China.
If the holder is an individual from Hongkong, Macao ,Taiwan,please provide the colour copy identity document and Mainland Travel Permit for Hongkong and Macao Residents or Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents which is valid for more than one year
If the holder is a foreigner, please provide the colour copy passport and the Residence Permit which is valid for more than one year
The branches and subsidiary of foreign companies should use its own certificate to apply the trademark.
Please note that the representative offices and offices are not allowed to apply for the trademarks in Mainland of China.

Sample of Chinese Trademark Certificate