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How Do Foreigners Work Legally in China

SC-group 25-02-2018
China is implement a proactive and effective policy to attract expertise.
Work permits and residence permits are required to work in Mainland of China.
According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on exit and entry,foreigners who work in China have to obtain a work permit and residence permit. Without these permits,foreigners are not allowed to work in Mainland of China.
For enterprise:
     (1) Be legally established,there is no any bad record or Lack of credibility.
     (2)Employ foreigners for specialized posts that comply with laws and regulations.
     (3) Wages that pay for foreigners are not lower than the local minimum’s.
     (4)Obtain the approval of relevant administrative departments according to the law.
For Applicants:
     (1)The age has to be over 18 years old with good health without any criminal record.
     (2)Bachelor degree or above with relevant professional skills and knowledge.
     (3)Be legally and no any bad record or Lack of credibility.
     (4)Apply the positions that in urgent need to promote China's economic development.
     (5)Comply with laws and regulations of foreigners working in China.